Tiffany Ann Tremaine

Tiffany Tremaine is from Ogden Utah.  Born and raised in Hooper Utah. She enjoyed dancing while growing up and decided to try pole fitness 
after watching a Flirty Girl Fitness Infomercial.  She started taking classes at what was then Adult Dance and Fitness in Ogden Utah and 
immediately fell in love so she decided to quit the gym. 

She began learning and then took private lessons from Becca Butcher and more recently Charlee Shae. Both instructors have helped push her 
past what were once her limits. She has competed in 4 competitions placing first in the last 2. Winning the Femme Fatale Pro division title in August of 2012. 

Tiffany is married with no children. Yet. Her husband Jake Tremaine supports her in all her Pole and life adventures. She would like to thank him for his love 
and support along with thanking those who have supported and guided her through this journey: Her loving parents Jeff and Sandra and sister Kim Her trainer Charlee Shae,
studio owner Meagan Goodson, and all the instructors and friends at FRENCH KISS FITNESS